Bunn Bar & Restaurant Guide

Common Grounds Coffee & Fun House

20 Cheves Rd, Bunn, NC 27508
(919) 340-4477
Common Grounds Coffee & Fun house is combining everything we love and putting it all under one roof! This cafe truly has a fun atmosphere that puts you into a good mood instantaneously. The decor is gorgeous, with records linking the walls, and drapes around all of the windows. This eclectic coffee shop is sure to make it on the list of your favorites in the area! It's a great place to go to when you want to catch up with friends over coffee, or perhaps somewhere to take your little ones. We love the community feel of this establishment, and their live music!

The Farmer’s Table

333 Main St, Bunn, NC 27508
(919) 497-0039
The Farmers Table is a traditional American eatery that really knows how to bump up the flavors. With massive pancakes that nearly take up the whole plate, there's no better place to enjoy both affordability and deliciousness at the same time. We love their hamburgers and homemade macaroni and cheese, the homestyle country cooking style here is sure to make you feel comforted. The specials board is always a good thing to pay attention to! You'll enjoy cost saving dishes, every day. Don't leave without trying the homemade peach cobbler with ice cream on top of it!

Sisters Cafe, LLC

685 Main St, Bunn, NC 27508
(919) 496-1219
Sisters Cafe is a family owned restaurant that has been surprising locals for years. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner that you're looking for, you'll be able to find it here. Made to order food with fresh ingredients is the name of the game at this restaurant! With staff who treat you as though you've known them for years, you're definitely going to call this place one of your favorites. It really makes a difference to be treated like a friend! Be sure to try out their Club Sandwich, it comes with generous portions of meat and cheese to satiate your spirit.

Howes Your Pizza

23 Nc 98 Hwy E, Bunn, NC 27508
(919) 496-9820
Howes Your Pizza has a clever name, and their recipes are just as clever, if you ask us! Their sheet pizzas are a new offering, and they're really making a splash with Bunn locals. You get to take home a pizza and bake it yourself, and it tastes like nothing we've ever made before. It's nice to let someone else do all of the work...you only have to worry about preheating the oven, and making sure that it doesn't burn. The best thing about this pizzeria is the fact that they never skimp on toppings, in fact, you'll enjoy an extremely heavy pizza here.

Vollmer Farm

677 Nc 98 Hwy E, Bunn, NC 27508
(919) 496-3076
Vollmer Farm may not be a restaurant, but that doesn't mean that it's not a fantastic place to head to when you're feeling hungry. This farmers market is a special one, and after you attend, we're certain that you're going to agree. They have strawberry and blueberry picking when it's in season, as well as fresh ice cream for all to enjoy, pumpkin patch, gift shop, and of course the market portion. Our favorite thing about this market is that everything is completely organic...you never have to worry about what it is that you're feeding your family when you shop here.

Rainbow Garden

23 Nc 98 Hwy. E, Bunn, NC 27508
(919) 340-2286
Rainbow Garden has been the go-to americanized Chinese establishment in the Bunn area for years on end, and once you try out their combinations, we're certain that you'll see why that is. We definitely recommend the option of their General Tso's. Some say it's the most interesting they have tasted in the country! Don't mind the steel wool, it's just a little extra fiber in your diet. Toughen up and come eat a meal here at Rainbow Garden! We love that you never know what to expect here, and we think that you're also going to enjoy the adventure of eating Rainbow Garden!