Butner Bar & Restaurant Guide

China Town

405 Central Ave, Butner, NC 27509
(919) 575-8455
China Town in Butner is one of our favorite places to enjoy Chinese food in the area! Some of the crowd pleasing options here are the Sesame Chicken, Crab Rangoon, Seafood Combination and the Chow Mein. With a clean interior, friendly service and efficient ordering process, you simply can't go wrong with trusting this establishment to make your lunch or dinner one to remember. This place is always busy, so be sure to alott some extra time for waiting. The next time you're in the area, you're going to want to stop by here with some of your friends, portions are huge!

Plumpeez Deli

106 E C St, Ste B, Butner, NC 27509
(919) 529-2232
Plumpeex Deli offers a New York style Delicatessen atmosphere right in the heart of Butner, North Carolina. For those who are native to the East Coast, this spot will be a taste of home. They specialize in handmade deli subs that are out of this world in terms of quality and portion sizes. There aren't fresh fountain drinks, but there is a cooler with almost every drink you could think of available to you. This spot goes above and beyond the franchise submarine sandwich shop that we're all used to. You might pay a little bit more, but it's definitely worth it.

El Rios

316 Central Ave, Butner, NC 27509
(919) 575-1635
El Rios is a Mexican restaurant with a lot to offer! We love that they have a variety of dishes that go beyond the standard taco and nachos. The good food will certainly leave an impression on you...as most of the patrons are returning customers here. While it's not a fine dining establishment, you'll certainly feel the same level of care and concern that you receive at even the fanciest of restaurants in Butner. Customers seem to really enjoy the Beef Steak Picado in Salsa Verde. However, any of the selections here are sure to impress your tastebuds fully!

Bbq Barn

102 W B St, Butner, NC 27509
(919) 575-6068
BBQ Barn is one of the prime eating destinations for smoked treats in the Butner area. Others call it the Pink Pig, but it's all the same place! It's surprising, but they also offer breakfast selections here. Locals return here time and time again to get a taste of the addictive flavors that are being put out here each and every day. The parking lot might be full, but there's also street parking available to you. Plus, it's a testament to their delicious food, there's no doubt about that. The mild, vinegar based sauce is almost addictive! Try the cornbread too.

Home Plate Restaurant

207 W C St, Butner, NC 27509
(919) 575-4914
Home Plate Restaurant in Butner is known for their dine in and take out variations of Barbeque and Soul Food options. This is the south, and they know how to perfect this type of cuisine! While this is a hole in the wall style restaurant, don't let that distract you from the food that's being served up here. You can enjoy affordable pricing, too, as everything here is $10 or under. It's eat in and carryout, and with the friendly service that's available to you, we highly recommend eating in here. You're going to love the country cooked food here, and all that comes along with it.


300 Central Ave, Butner, NC 27509
(919) 575-4727
Subway is one of those franchise submarine sandwich establishments that we all are familiar with. Subway is a popular choice among busy citizens because you get to completely customize your sandwich, and it's an efficient process that has you in and out of the door in 10 minutes or less. Plus, with their $5 foot longs available with certain sandwiches, you get to enjoy deep discounts on food while filling up on vegetables and premium meats. We love that they offer salads and pizza now...it's awesome to be able to load up your pizza with toppings! Look for coupons before!