Coats Bar & Restaurant Guide

Cornerstone Cafe & Coffee

16 E Main St Coats, NC 27521
(910) 897-5600
Cornerstone Cafe isn't just a coffee shop, it's also a gathering spot for the Coats community and a warm establishment for when you need that cup of joe. If you want to catch up with friends, get some business done, or just enjoy some quiet time, this is a welcome destination for you to check out. They also have lunch offerings for you to enjoy just as Shrimp Tacos, but you really can't go wrong with their Strawberry Banana Waffles here. All of the food is surprisingly affordable considering the quality and efficiency of the waitresses at Cornerstone.

Noah’s Grill & Pizza Inc

78 W Stewart St Coats, NC 27521
(910) 891-1604
Noah's Grill & Pizza Inc offers a destination for all of your pizza needs. You're going to observe fast and friendly service each and every time you decide to eat here! They also offer a pineapple pizza for dessert that is unlike anything you've ever seen before at a local pizzeria. We're certain that they get their bread from a local bakery because it's really that fresh tasting. The atmosphere is always fun here, so it's not unlikely to see many families enjoying a meal here. Be sure to try out the Pesto Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta when you're here.

Ma’s Grill

921 Nc 55 W Coats, NC 27521
(910) 897-4488
Ma's Grill is a restaurant that specializes in seafood, burgers, and hot dogs in Coats. Here you're going to find food that's served quickly, and with a lot of customization. What we mean by that is when you order a burger here, they ask you what you want on it instead of loading it with things that you might not light. The burgers are always cooked to order here, and it will always be perfect with the professionalism of the cooking staff. There are 7 sides that you can choose from, and they change depending on availability, so be sure to ask.

Rainbow King

68 E Stewart St Coats, NC 27521
(910) 892-8885
Rainbow King is a Chinese restaurant in the Coats area that is serving up the Americanized versions of this cuisine that we all know and love. With lunch specials that are affordable and dinner plates that come with large portion sizes, you really can't go wrong with this option for food. The wonton soup here has all of the fixings added to it, and we're told that they assemble the wontons by hand. With fresh food that is cooked to perfection, you shouldn't put your trust anywhere else for your next dinner out in the area. Grab a fortune cookie!

Roosters Take Out

494 S McKinley St Coats, NC 27521
(910) 897-6600
Roosters Take Out is a restaurant with a lot to offer! We love that you're greeted by all of the staff when you walk through the doors here, it adds to the hospitality factor. There are some different menu items here that you don't find very often such as Orange Aid. You actually feel as though you're dining in somebody's living room rather than going out to eat with friends. For dessert, the Buttermilk Pie is unlike anything else we've ever tried. Come here for your next dinner and be surprised with the affordable prices that come with the bill.

Hardee’s of Coats

459 N McKinley St Coats, NC 27521
(910) 897-3286
Hardee's of Coats is another great family dining atmosphere to enjoy when you're searching for a diverse menu in Coats! Hardee's also offers a drive thru service that is much obliged after a long drive or shift at work. Another great thing about this type of dining establishment is that it's a chain, so there's a constantly evolving menu to check out when you're here. We always encourage patrons to check out the coupons that are available out in the local paper or their website. If it's your birthday, you'll even enjoy a free burger, so what's to lose?