Creedmoor Bar & Restaurant Guide

El Corral

406 N Main St, Creedmoor, NC 27522
(919) 528-6100
El Corral is one of our favorite places to enjoy some Mexican food in the heart of North Carolina. The interior of the restaurant is gorgeous, completed with stained wood walls, comfortable booths, and gorgeous artwork. It really sets the tone for the delicious food you're about to eat! The margaritas are as big as your head...and that's a size ratio that we can get behind. You're given free salsa and chips when you're seated, but don't spoil your dinner by eating all of them! It's hard to do, though, as everything that is made here is authentic.

Tj’s Fish And Chicken

609 N Durham Ave, Creedmoor, NC 27522
(919) 529-2352
TJ's Fish and Chicken is a southern restaurant that goes above and beyond in their selection of delicious entrees. It's right next to a hotel, so it's a great choice if you have friends or family visiting in the area. This doesn't open until the later evening, so it's perfect for a late night snack or your dinner for the night. Nearly everybody who walks through the doors here says that they will return at a later date, and that means they're serving up delicious fish here. The Catfish, Oysters, Shrimp, Founder, are all served up with hush puppies and coleslaw.

Baton Rouge Cuisine

Creedmoor, NC 27522
(919) 341-8800
Baton Rouge Cuisine isn't a restaurant, so don't plan on sticking an address into your GPS. This is actually a mobile restaurant, or a food truck, serving up Cajun and Creole selections for you to enjoy with friends and family. You can find them roaming the streets of Creedmoor, just follow the smells! If you're looking for Cajun food, tracking down this food truck is your best option, as there isn't much to choose from in the area. You'll definitely be happy that you tried it, though, as the Shrimp Etoufee and Boudin Balls keep the customers coming back!

Bob’s Barbecue

1589 Nc Highway 56, Creedmoor, NC 27522
(919) 528-2081
Bob's Barbecue has all of the standard fixings that you're going to look for when it comes to barbecue in the south. With vinegar based sauces, the subtle hints of flavor are certain to win you over the moment you try them out. We love the option of hearty entrees like Brunswick Stew, but trust that you can't go wrong with their plate of their classic pulled pork, and macaroni and cheese options. There are even collard greens for you to enjoy if you need to consume something green to feel better about yourself afterwards. Don't worry, we aren't judging you!

American Hero Family Restaurant

517 N Durham Ave, Creedmoor, NC 27522
(919) 528-6049
American Hero Family Restaurant is exactly what the name described, a family restaurant that will save the day when it comes to keeping your pocketbook full after a night out. They even offer deliveries now, so you can count on convenience right along with your food selections. There are some dishes here that are available to you as soon as you walk through the doors, such as pizza and lasagna. For everything else, though, you'll have to wait a little while, but it's certainly worth it. There are several televisions for you to enjoy the game on, and Mediterranean options!

Grammie’s Kitchen

209 N Main St Creedmoor, NC 27522
(919) 529-1300
Grammie's Kitchen is where your sweet tooth will be satisfied in Creedmoor! This is the best place to enjoy some delectable pastries, or any other source of sugar overload that might be your favorite. This bakery is also a cupcakery, and it serves up ice cream as well as frozen yogurt to all those who walk through the doors. This is a family owned establishment, and you pick up on that vibe with the warm hospitality. The coffee here is very affordable, so no worries about breaking the bank on any count. Don't leave without trying their chocolate chip cookies!