Greensboro Bar & Restaurant Guide

Sarah's Kabob Shop

5553 W Market St Greensboro, NC 27409
(336) 355-9260
It will be very noticeable once you sit down here that the number one priority is to make each and every customer feel as special as possible. Once you receive your delicious food, you will be checked on numerous times to make sure all is well and that you have everything you need. We are not exagerating when we say that this location has the best kabobs for miles around. To add to your enjoyment, the pita bread and the hummus are always fresh. The people who work here are simply fabulous, they actually seem to enjoy being at work and that translates into how they treat each patron.

Green Valley Grill

622 Green Valley Rd Greensboro, NC 27408
(336) 854-2015
Some people claim and this is something that you will want to check out for yourself that this is the finest restaurant in North Carolina. One thing is certain, you will rarely find yourself in a more beautiful atmosphere. The menu changes monthly and no matter when you visit, you will find that there is definitely something for everyone. The staff is just what you would expect at such a fine dining establishment, they are so well trained and will make you feel like you are some kind of celebrity. The wine list is extensive and you can order the perfect glass. Check out this first rate venue.

Print Works Bistro

702 Green Valley Rd Greensboro, NC 27408
(336) 379-0699
Start your experience here with one of their amazingly crafted drinks. Whether you are interested in a champagne cocktail or Bloody Mary or something else, they have some expert bartenders who really know their stuff. In terms of the menu, we really don't know where to begin because the menu lists so many delicious entrees. Whether you are visiting for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the choices available to you are many and always expertly prepared and presented. If you have never sampled mussels, this is your chance because the kitchen staff really know what they are doing in terms of its preparation.

Crafted, Art of the Taco

219A S Elm St Greensboro, NC 27401
(336) 273-0030
Get ready to discover a unique spin on the taco. For starters, make sure that you arrive here very hungry because there is much you are going to want to sample. Our recommendation is to order a number of different taco creations that sound appealing to you. Don't be surprised if you read about some very interesting ingredients n various concoctions including asian slaw, sour pickles and hoison sauce. They also offer sides which compliment the creations quite nicely. The staff is very welcoming and they will explain anything that you might need explained. Treat yourself to this unique experience.

Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen

1421 Westover Ter Greensboro, NC 27408
(336) 370-0707
From the moment you walk through the doors, you will immediately feel like the focus is on you and that is because it will be. The staff here take the service of each patron very seriously. The menu provides a great variety and many of them are unique but no matter what you end up choosing, you can rest assured that it will be prepared according to your specifications and presented beautifully. The decor is very inviting and at the same time relaxing. And the staff are all very friendly and truly know what they are doing. To say that this place provides a supreb dining experience is an understatement.

Sticks and Stones

2200 Walker Ave Greensboro, NC 27403
(336) 275-0220
The beginning of the culinary process here begins and ends with the freshest ingredients of the highest quality. The menu is very distinctive and changes seasonally. And you are going to love the fact they th ekitchen staff used all-natural, free-range, grass fed beef and pasture raised hogs. In addition, all of the fresh milk, cream and butter are all free of hormones and antibiotics. The pizza which is just exceptional is prepared fresh in-house using locally milled and organic flour. What a unique experience awaits you here and that includes how the waitstaff will make you feel special and take care of every detail.