Nashville Bar & Restaurant Guide

Doug Sauls Bar-B-Que

813 Western Avenue Nashville, NC 27856
(252) 459-4247
Get ready to be amazed with each bite that you place in your mouth. Talk about comfort food. There truly is no food like comfort food and that is exactly what is served up here. If you are not in the mood for barbeque, the fried chicken is always crispy and fresh. But what will probably astound you the most when you visit this wonderful venue are the prices that you see in the menu. Your wallet is not going to take much of a hit at all. The decor and ambiance are not fancy if that is what you are looking for but when you start consuming the food we don't think you will care about that.

The Nashville Exchange Steakhouse

229 W Washington St Nashville, NC 27856
(919) 529-2232
Steak and ribs or ribs and steak? What is your pleasure? It is going to be a very difficult decision everytime you visit this fine establishment as they know how to cook all kinds of meat and cook them well but they also bring to your table some of the tastiest and most complimentary side dishes. This is definitely a local hangout but in this case it adds to the atmosphere as everyone is so friendly and it would be surprising if you left without adding to your list of friends. To add to all of the positives, the service staff knows how the meaning of customer service.

Red Oak Grill

10417 Red Oak Blvd, Nashville, NC 27856-7993
(252) 443-4753
There may be places that serve up a better breakfast than this establishment, but we just aren't aware of them. Your food will be cooked to order and served to you piping hot. Beyond breakfast, they also have menu items such as fresh hamburgers, hot dogs and homemade chicken salad. And don't think that you will be a stranger very long because the staff and the patrons are all extremely welcoming. So get ready to feel like you are visiting Grandma's house. Simple decor, great atmosphere, a very attentive serving staff and some very tasty food is what awaits you.

Lamama Pizza & Subs

308 W Washington Street Nashville, NC 27856
(252) 459-8828
This is a great little family owned Italian eatery. If you are a huge pizza fan, you are going to fall in love with the NY style they serve up here. But we have to say right up there with their pizza in terms of quality is their lasagna. You won't have to wait very long for your food to arrive at your table and once you start chewing and tasting your entree you are going to be moaning in ecstasy. Honestly, this establishment is absolutely incredible. The atmosphere is amazing, the servers are attentive and friendly and the prices are very inexpensive. What more could you ask for?


101 W Nashville Dr Nashville, NC 27856
(252) 459-5600
It is hard to believe that as good as the food is at this establishment, the customer service actually eclipses it. The managers are always walking around to make sure that all is going well and that each customer is feeling as special as possible. The chicken dishes are out of this world and all of the side dishes which they refer to as fixins are going to knock your socks off. There is a certain charm here that you will not be able to put your finger on but nevertheless is there. We suggest that you try this place and then report back as to whether your dreams were fulfilled.

Ribeyes Steakhouse

104 Nashville Drive, Nashville, NC 27856
(252) 462-2356
If you have ever dreamed about tender and succulent ribeye steaks cooked to perfection, then your next stop needs to be to this amazing venue. Now, you need to know that you will have a choice when it comes to sides. Are you going to order the baked potato or sweet potato? for our money, it really doesn't matter because they are both exceptional. In terms of entrees, you are going to have a very difficult choice when it comes to options like grilled boneless chicken breast, grilled shrimp, grilled pork chop and grilled salmon or tuna. Get ready for a fresh experience.