Oxford Bar & Restaurant Guide


205 Williamsboro St, Oxford, NC 27565
(919) 603-1460
Harvest is a sandwich shop located in the heart of Oxford, North Carolina. The sandwiches that are available here are extremely high quality. With options such as meatloaf sandwiches, chicken wraps, chicken salad on croissants, as well as knowing that it's all somehow sourced locally, you can feel good about spending your hard earned time and money here. Harvest offers a cheap lunch solution without outsourcing any of the labor! Ask the counter staff about their favorite sandwich selections, as you might need some help figuring out what to order.

George’s Family Restaurant

104 E Industry Dr, Oxford, NC 27565
(919) 603-3760
George's Family Restaurant is an American traditional restaurant meets pizzeria! They even make homemade potato chips here, so you can really count on an authentic experience from start to finish when you decide to eat here. There's always a steady stream of customers here, and most of the carry out tends to be pizza...so you know you can trust that option for a delicious meal in the area! The chowder is great, as are the freshly chopped green salads. We especially enjoy treating our sweet tooth to their homemade desserts such as the amazing tiramisu and bread pudding.

Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant

705 Lewis St, Oxford, NC 27565
(919) 603-0001
Mazatlan is the main source for Mexican cuisine in the Oxford area. We can't get enough of their addictive flavors here! The freshness of the food is great, but it's made even better knowing that it comes out in a quick and efficient manner, regardless of the time of day or week. If you have a large group, we recommend calling ahead so that you can have a table reserved, as it can get busy here. The margaritas here are enough to satiate two thirsty people, and they're under $10...we think that is a great deal to take advantage of when you're feeling thirsty!


127 Williamsboro St, Oxford, NC 27565
(919) 693-6444
Milano's is a Pizza and Italian joint in Oxford, North Carolina, but don't let that fool you. They're really serving up all types of food here, even a great version of the favorite biscuits and gravy for breakfast. We especially love their appetizer of onion petals...think onion rings, but even better! While there are the traditional Italian favorites for you to choose from such as Spaghetti and Meatballs, there are also things like Chicken Pitas and Cheesesteak sandwiches that rival those in Philadelphia. Be sure to ask the waitresses about the special of the day!

Sunrise Biscuits of Oxford

128 Williamsboro St, Oxford, NC 27565
(919) 693-6178
Many people refer to the food here as biscuits with attitude. Sunrise Biscuits is specializing in exactly what the name implies, and they're doing it well! The friendly patrons greet you as soon as you walk through the doors, and the experience continues to be efficient and courteous throughout. The morning rush here is real, so try to put some extra time in your schedule if you're looking to get in and out with your biscuits. The biscuits here are fluffy, light, and large in portion size. You're going to enjoy having conversations with all of the locals while you wait!

House of Ribeyes

102 Roxboro Rd, Oxford, NC 27565
(919) 693-9282
House of Ribeyes is the place to be for a traditional American meal in Oxford. The best part about this establishment is the fact that they're completely locally owned and operated. They even hand pick their ingredients, and the meat is aged 30 days before being served. They take a lot of pride in the food that they cook here, so you can be certain that you're going to enjoy your meal to the absolute fullest. The salad bar is another great reason to stop in, the ingredients are all impossibly fresh, and the staff makes sure that it's always stocked to the brim with ingredients.