Raleigh Bar & Restaurant Guide

Fox Liquor Bar

237 S Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 322-0128
This a place that fosters community through amazing food and drink and ambiance. The menu is ever evolving with an assortment of comfort-food classics that are created with locally grown, seasonal ingredients and French-influenced technique. Are you ready to peruse a menu of over 50 craft cocktails? However, if it is possible, the atmosphere here is even better than what they offer on the menu because you can truly chill out and get comfortable for awhile. This is a perfect spot for a date or night out with friends. You won't want for the night to end, but you can always come back.


213 Fayetteville St, Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 896-6016


444 S Blount St, #101, Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 617-1661
At Calavela, there are two things that they do very well: empanadas and tequila. You get to choose from 11 varieties of empanadas and up to 70 tequilas and mezcals. The staff takes great pride in using only the freshest ingredients in the food they serve we well as their cocktails. We can't think of a better combination. You have to try these at least one time and we promise you that it won't be the only time. The baked crust is light and flaky and the various fillings are unbelievable. A cozy place with a fun atmosphere and these special treats are awaiting your presence.

House of Hops

6909 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612
(919) 368-0449

St. Jacques French Cuisine

6112 Falls of Neuse Road, Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 862-2770
There is nothing fake about this place, the experience will be exactly what you are expecting and more. Owned and operated by a native of France, the goal of this establishment is to offer a truly French dining experience. This is fine dining and the ambiance is elegance at its very best. If you are stressed out in any way, this is one of the most relaxing dining experiences that you will be able to find anywhere. The staff genuinely seek your complete satisfaction and will do everything in their power to provide a very high level of customer service.

Coquette Brasserie

4351 The Circle at North Hills, Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 789-0606

Bida Manda

222 South Blount Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 829-9999
We can almost assure you that you have never been to an establishment like this before. Bida Manda is a thoughtful gathering place that celebrates the diverse food traditions and culture of Laos. The cuisine offered here could best be described as a flavorful marriage of Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese cooking refined by French technique. Enjoy great hospitality and be prepared for a delightful and sensational culinary journey to Laos. One more thing you will absolutely love about this place, they have a bar with extensive beer and wine offerings and the cocktails are carefully crafted.

Thai House

1408 Hardimont Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 878-3379

Neomonde Bakery & Deli

3817 Beryl Road, Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 828-1628
There is a special touch here that you will absolutely want to experience again and again. The owners are dedicated to excellence and authenticity and that is a huge plus for you. The friendliness will win you over quickly and keep you coming back. All of the amazing Lebanese food is not only fantastic but prepared from only the freshest of ingredients. The only problem you will have is pouring over the menu and deciding what you want to order. And if you are a vegetarian, you are in luck because you have never met a more vegetarian friendly menu.

Monapita Mediterranean Grill

5260 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27616
(919) 431-6500

The Pit

328 West Davie Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 890-4500
North Carolina is known for amazing barbeque and this place proudly carries on that tradition. Get ready to enjoy some authentic while-hog, pit cooked barbeque. Just kick back and peruse their wonderful menu of offerings like Texas style brisket, baby back ribs, barbeque turkey, fried chicken and even barbeque tofu. Good old southern hospitality is all over this venue which is actually a beautifully restored 1930s meatpacking warehouse. The staff will also go to great pains to match a specific beer or wine with the food you order. You just can't beat what this place has to offer.

Glenwood Grill

2603-151 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27608
(919) 782-3102