Selma Bar & Restaurant Guide

Don Betos Tacos

720 Ricks Road Selma, NC 27576
(919) 202-4566
Casual, relaxing and intoxicating are three words that immediately come to mind when discussing this fabulous establishment. The portions are generous and the taste of everything is incredible. One of the amazing things that you will find when you visit here is how the staff treats you. Right off the bat, your server will walk you through the menu and explain anything and everything. This is what we call genuine quality Mexican cuisine. They will even prepare your meal right at your table is you desire it and doing so is very entertaining. Don't miss this special experience.

Waffle House

1815 Industrial Park Drive Selma, NC 27576
(919) 965-8342
What do you look for when you go out to enjoy some food and drink? If your answer is the unbeatable combination of good food and outstanding service, you need to be sitting at this phenomenal location. The interaction with the servers is something that has to be experienced before you really know what is going on. You see, the servers believe in treating each patron like they are family. All of the food and we mean all of it is prepared from scratch and cooked to order. It is also served on real china which gives you a sense of elegance. Need a cup of coffee, they have the best.


603 Ricks Rd, Selma, NC 27576
(919) 965-6378
Are you ready for some quality food and drink at a place where they really seem to care about you? They have a mission statement here that you need to read: "to serve customers the highest quality food in the least amount of time in a professional well run way." The commitment to customer service here has not been matched by anyone. Follow the aroma of fresh hamburgers and rest in the knowledge that all hamburgers are fresh and never frozen. The chicken sandwiches and the barbecue and the hot dogs are mouth watering. To wash everything down, you must order one of their hand spun milkshakes.

Robbins Nest

121 Us Highway 70a E Selma, NC 27576
(919) 965-5522
Good old home cooking is exactly what this place believes in. And fortunate for you, there is a huge variety on their menu and it is all very good in terms of quality. If you are a fried chicken fan, check it out, you will not be disappointed. The desserts are worth having just by themselves. They offer homemade pies and cakes and when you have one or the other with their excellent cups of coffee, you truly will not know what is going on because you will be in such ecstasy. Did we mention the prices? Expect to look at numbers that are going to astound you. Great value.

Sami's Pizza

25 Jr Road Selma, NC 27576
(919) 202-0082
Just because the pizza they offer is very inexpensive, that does not mean that the product is not of the highest quality. The physical building is nothing to write home about, but the pizza is. The NY Style crust is perfect, the toppings are all generously poured out and the prices are absolutely unbelieveable. The staff treats each customer with such politeness and attentiveness, you will feel like royalty throughout your time. This is definitely one of those establishments where you will be in such a conforting state of mind, you will be back soon.


1801 Industrial Park Dr Selma, NC 27576
(919) 965-8886
Get ready for a warm greeting and one of the best dining experiences you have ever had in your life. The menu has a very nice variety and definitely provides something for everyone. We definitely recommend their double decker and make sure they don't forget to bring some of their onion rings for a side. One bite and you will understand why. For dessert, you are going to want to check out the banana pudding which is absolutely out of this world. There is a certain kick back feel to the interior and this is a chance to feel relaxed after a long day at work.