Siler City Bar & Restaurant Guide

Smithfield's Chicken

14215 US Highway 64 Siler City, NC 27344
(919) 663-4333
Let's face it, when you need your barbecue fix, this is the location that you need to check out. Believe us, you are going to be very impressed with the dark meat combo plate which provides an interesting mix of chicken and a generous portion of pork barbecue. All we can tell you is that the word delicious applies to every piece of food that comes out of this kitchen. The dining area is so well kept up that you will feel you can eat off of the floor. And one more thing, don't worry about leaving hungry, the portion sizes are so large you will be sharing or leaving with a doggie bag.

San Felipe Restaurante

102 Walmart Supercenter Siler City, NC 27344
(919) 663-7333
Some restaurants you visit because you know you are going to get decent food at a decent price and the sustenance will keep you going for the next few hours. Then, there are locations where you actually emerse yourself in the experience and the food is something more than just sustaining. This is that kind of venue, a place that you will list among your favorites after just one visit. All of the usual suspects are here in terms of menu items and they are very well prepared and presented. But what really makes this place special is the way the service staff treats you.

Carolina Stockyards

260 Stockyard Road, Siler City, NC 27355
(919) 663-6032
King of the burger, we promise you that you have never tasted a burger that is better than the one you will get here. The slaw and chili are the perfect side dishes. And they have cows right on site which makes this a very family friendly venue. So make sure that you bring the kids along. After you have consumed your burger, you don't want to miss their banana pudding, talk about the perfect topper to a great meal. Nut don't worry, if you are not in the mood for a burger, they also offer choices like grilled chicken and steak. Definitely worth a visit.

Hayley-Bales Steakhouse

220 E 11th Street Siler City, NC 27344-1817
(919) 742-6033
If we were to narrow this establishment down to one sentence we would say it is a family owned steakhouse with delicious food and great service. But you have to know that it is so much more than that. Yes, the grilled steaks, chicken and salmon are consistently great, but there is so much more to enjoy including the atmosphere. The layout of the restaurant is like a barn and there is ample room for any size group to be serviced. The service staff is always running around to make sure that each and every patron has exactly what they need and desire.

Bestfood Cafeteria

220 E 11th St, Siler City, NC 27344
(919) 742-2475
Aren't you craving something different when it comes time to dine? We have just the place for you. This is the location to come to when you are seeking a home cooked meal. They offer something called double stuffed potatoes that you are going to be blown away by. You won't even know how to describe the experience yourself. Everything on the menu is top notch and the variety provides something for everyone. They even have a special kids menu that children love. After a scrumptious meal, check out the unique gift shop which has many items you have probably never seen before.

Cross Roads Grill

324 E 11th St Siler City, NC 27344
(919) 742-4819
Sandwiches galore is what you will find at this wonderful establishment. The hamburgers are juicy as are the hot dogs. And if you are the more adventurous type, you will want to sample their fried okra. Now to be honest, there is nothing fancy about this place, what you will find is just good old fashioned dining. Most of the food is prepared in what we would call country style and after one bite you will be humming along and your taste buds will be dancing a jog. The prices are very reasonable and the service staff aims to please. We can't think of anything else you could want.