Smithfield Bar & Restaurant Guide

Heidi's Two Wheel Cafe

1475 West Market Street, Smithfield, NC 27577
(919) 989-8389
For one day, why not take a break from the chains and try a place like Grandma's. The sandwiches are phenomenal but if we had to recommend just one, it would definitely be the Reuben. How does 2 to 3 inches of great flavor sound? It may not look like much to the naked eye, but that is why you must look under the cover to see what it is really all about. Besides the awesome eats, there is a fair variety of drinks at the bar and the staff is very attentive and will make sure you are taken care of. This is a great choice on your next search.

Little Brown Jug

101 E Market St, Smithfield, NC 27577
(919) 934-0368

Eden's Vegetarian

709 South 3rd Street, Smithfield, NC 27577
(919) 938-3880
If you are a vegetarian, this is one of the best places you will ever have the chance to experience. The owner is so intent on everything being perfect for each and every customer that comes in. Yes, healthy is the name of the game here but guess what? So is tasty. Located in a beautiful house, the menu has numerous unique offerings for you to pick from. Trust us, not only will your palate be tantalized but you will leave being completely satisfied. This is a don't miss establishment, everyone will find something they will like.

Asia Cafe

14 Flowers Crossroads Way, Clayton, NC 27527
(919) 550-2688

Bistro on Third

146 S. Third Street, Smithfield, NC 27577
(919) 989-4931
What happens when you gather the very best ingredients and hire the best cooks to put them all together and make something scrumptious? You end up with a place like Bistro on Third. Talk about a thoughtfully created menu that offers an interesting variety of choices including items like Fried Green Tomatoes and Chicken Cordon Bleu. How about a glass of wine or a cocktail paired with one of their delicious appetizers. We cannot recommend this place more highly, everything you experience will be top notch including the ambiance and wait staff.

Zack’s Char-Grill

618 E Market St, Smithfield, NC 27577
(919) 989-9227

El Barzon

1691 S Brightleaf Blvd, Smithfield, NC 27577
(919) 205-1661
We have a question for you. When you dine out, what are the qualities in an establishment that matter the most to you? Is it the quality of the food and how tasty it is? What about the drinks? Does it really matter to you how much the wait staff pay attention to you and how they treat you? What about atmosphere and ambiance, is that a huge consideration? Well, we can honestly say that El Barzon is top of the line in every one of these categories. You will feel comfortable and be able to decompress and when all is said and done, you will leave with a really big smile on your face.

San Marcos Mexican Restaurant

275 N Equity Dr, Smithfield, NC 27577
(919) 934-2424

White Swan Barbeque INC

3198 S Brightleaf Blvd, Smithfield, NC 27577
(919) 934-8913
There is nothing like award winning barbeque and that is exactly what you will find at White Swan. The recipe used here is over 50 years old but it still provides the same great tasting barbeque. It truly melts in your mouth and the taste is something that you definitely must experience. The pork is slow cooked in such a way that holds the smoked flavor in for all to enjoy. Large groups do not upset the staff here so if you are celebrating some event, feel free to come on by. The really know what they are doing here in terms of good eating, check them out very soon.

Smithfield’s Chicken’n Bar-B-Q

920 Selma Rd, Smithfield, NC 27577
(919) 934-8721

Holt Lake Bar-B-Que

3506 Us Highway 301 S, Smithfield, NC 27577
(919) 934-5564
This is one of those places where we truly don't know where to start. Everything on the menu is good. Of course bar-b-que is in the name and we could rave about that all day long but if you are in the mood for something else there are other options as well. Try their fried flounder and shrimp, you won't believe it. It may seem odd to mention sweet tea in a review but the sweet tea that they serve here is so tasty and smooth that it is something that you need to order to complement your food order. One last thing, the wait staff are all friendly and will make sure you have everything you need.

White Swan Bar-B-Que & Fried Chicken

3655 Wilsons Mills Rd, Smithfield, NC 27577
(919) 989-6500