Youngsville Bar & Restaurant Guide

Charron’s Deli

133 E Main St Youngsville, NC 27596
(919) 569-2147
Charron's Deli offers Youngsville residents a little piece of heaven on eath with their delicious sandwiches and other deli style offerings! This family owned business is oozing hospitality as soon as you walk through the doors. They're using premium meats and toppings here, nothing like what you find at your local grocery store. Maybe that's why this is one of the top places to enjoy lunch in the entire city! There are some local cookies and fudges for you to consider as well. The Reuben sandwich on Rye is a delicious way to enjoy your lunch.

Griffin’s Restaurant

132 E Main St Youngsville, NC 27596
(919) 554-9718
Griffin's Restaurant in Youngsville is a traditional American spot for breakfast, brunch, and lunch options. This is an establishment where you order your food at the counter and seat yourself. The fried squash and sweet potato fries are two great alternatives to the usual french fry that we have come to hold so dear into our hearts. The fact that this is also an inexpensive place to get your fill of fresh food is another reason why we recommend it when you're on the hunt. We're a big fan of Club sandwiches, and there's is really good.

Waffle House

Edit 1165 US 1 Hwy Youngsville, NC 27596
(919) 554-0693
Waffle House is one of those breakfast and brunch chains that can be found around the country. What makes this establishment so special is the fact that even though it's a chain restaurant, you still feel as though you're getting service at a home town diner. This really is the go-to place to order breakfast in Youngsville. This is also a newer building, and we think you'll enjoy the cleanliness of the interior. When you get your bill, you're sure to be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable it is to eat here. Check out Waffle House!

Diamond Pizza and Grill

100 W Main St Ste D Youngsville, NC 27596
(919) 554-1066
Diamond Pizza and Grill is a great place to consider when you're looking for some cheesy Italian goodness that is pizza. This spot has recently changed owners, and we think you're going to enjoy all of the hospitality that comes with that. The sauce has the perfect balance of sweetness to it, and the appetizer of chicken wings is enough to make you want to call this your lunch time destination. There aren't many pizza options for you in the Youngsville area, and this restaurant makes up for it plus some. Be sure to ask if they're running specials.


100 Holden Rd Youngsville, NC 27596
(919) 554-8020
We've all been to a Subway, right? You know all about the fresh options that are available to you, the ability to completely customize what it is that you're eating, and the fact that it's a healthier option than the pizza joint down the street. Subway is a national franchise chain that specializes in making healthy variations of submarine sandwiches that don't rob your pocket book. The staff is always friendly here, and their fresh baked chocolate chip cookies that are available at the register really are the perfect way to end your lunch on the right note.

Amanos Pizza

100 W Main St Youngsville, NC 27596
(919) 554-1066
We love eating at Amanos Pizza in Youngsville! It's safe to say that if you've been in this town before, you know that there aren't many choices when it comes to ordering a pizza pie. That's why we're so excited about this establishment. They're known for their friendly customer service and accurate delivery. Life is too short for bad pizza, and that's what the staff lives by here. The fact that this is a family owned restaurant makes you feel better about spending your money locally and supporting the local economy. Don't leave without garlic knots!