How Our Pricing Works:

The best way to get an accurate price of how much one of our vehicles will cost is to contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives. There are a few pieces of information that you will need to be ready to provide to them. The first bit of information that we need from you in regards to giving you a 100% risk free quote is what day and time you think you will need to be picked up. You see, as with all Raleigh limo and party bus companies, there is a difference between day time and evening prices. There is also a difference in price depending on the day of the week you will need your vehicle. For instance, a party bus is going to cost you more on a Saturday than it would on a Tuesday.

The next piece of information that our reservation specialists will require from you is the amount of people that you will need to transport. The reason we ask this next is because we need to figure out the perfect size party bus that will accommodate you and your group while also providing you with the exact amenities for your enjoyment. This information will help us narrow down the vehicle options that we have and leave you with something that will be perfect for your needs.

Finally we need the pick-up and drop off locations. This will help us determine whether you will receive in area or out of the area pricing. For instance, if we have to travel over 100 miles to pick you up, there can be a gas surcharge. Our pricing policy uses what we call a graduated pricing system. This kind of system provides us flexibility in order to give you the best prices possible depending on what is going on in the industry at the time of your call. We want to offer you the most competitive prices possible and it is our philosophy that when possible, we will pass along savings that we experience to you. For instance, if fuel is less expensive at the time of your booking, we will quote you a lower price than we would have say a month before. We are in the business of treating you fairly and we realize that without you there would be no us. The main thing is to contact us. We would love to talk to you and try and get you the absolute best deal possible. Our agents may have a suggestion for you that will save you money. But you will never know until you pick up that phone. Call us today and we will make sure that you receive the absolute best value for your money.

Information we need:
  • -Date and Time of Service
  • -The number of people
  • -Pick-up and drop off locations
  • -Type of vehicle you prefer