Sweet Sixteen Parties in Raleigh

Alright, so it's your little girls birthday only she's not so little anymore. This is one of the big milestones, a sweet 16 birthday party. And the details of what you plan really depends on how crazy you want to get and how much you want to spend. We suggest that you talk to your daughter to find out what she would like to see incorporated into her party. You never know, you might be surprised by what comes out of her mouth. You need to know whether she wants a party with just girlfriends in attendance or would she like boys and girls. Is there a special restaurant that she likes to eat at? Does she feel like doing something more active or laid-back? Are there any areas of the city or your area that she would like to visit? Once you have narrowed down the kind of places to go and things to do, if you really want to give her the time of her life, consider giving us a call!

One of our party buses will not only conveniently transport your daughter and her friends to where she wants to go, it will give them there very own fun vehicle where the fun can continue to go on while en route to each venue. One word of advice, just make sure that you take a lot of pictures around the bus and on the inside because this is going to be one unique experience. Talk about feeling like a true princess. This is what we call luxury and style all the way. She won't even believe it is happening. And when you go with us, you are truly renting the best in the luxury transportation business. We take great pride in making sure that our vehicles are in amazing shape inside and out. While on board, your daughter and her friends will be blown away with the entertainment features available. And while she is enjoying every minute, you will have the knowledge that she is completely safe and will arrive back home in one piece. Our drivers are experienced and certified. They also have GPS with them at all times.

Now, lets talk about those amazing amenities that we mentioned earlier. Your daughter and her friends will love the atmosphere as we have installed the most colorful mood lights to provide accentuation to many aspects of our vehicle's interior. What teenager doesn't love music and on one of our party buses, they will find a premium surround sound audio system with 12” sub-woofers and iPod/MP3/CD inputs. If they would like to view something on the screen, we have also made available no less than 2 1080p or 4k HD televisions for added entertainment options. Busting a move is also something that can be done as they will find a customized hardwood dance floor with dancing pole. Make sure that they bring their favorite drinks because they will be able to stock the granite topped bars with built-in coolers of ice. When they are ready to chat with friends, there will be no problem on the customized comfortable leather wraparound seating area.

We hope you can see now how one of our party buses will make for a memorable Sweet 16 Party. Not only will your daughter and her friends have an amazing time, you will know she will be safe. To find out more about our company, feel free to peruse our website. We have a number of pages that cover just about every aspect of our business. We have a page that lists the amenities on each party bus. We also have a FAQ page which might help. But if you still have questions, no worries, just contact one of our affable and knowledgeable customer service representatives. They are ready and waiting all hours of the day to assist, and they love to talk about our business. When you are ready to book, you can rest assured in knowing htat our booking process is painless and very easy. So, call us today, we eagerly await the chance to provide you service and take your daughter's party to the next level.