Zebulon Bar & Restaurant Guide

Fargo Steakhouse

1007 Shepard School Road, Zebulon, NC 27597
(919) 269-3450
Whether you have large or small groups, this is the place that you want to be. The service staff can handle anything, they seem to be comfortable in their own skin and will make you feel great about your experience while also making sure you have everything you need. Check out their prime rib, not only is it tender and of a high quality, they know how to cook it to your specifications. The value you receive here is amazingly high. The bartender not only knows all kinds of drinks, they do not skimp on what it takes to make each one strong.

Brandin’iron Steakhouse and Grill

1007 Shepard School Rd, Zebulon, NC 27597
(919) 269-3450

Italia Express

103 N Arendell Avenue, Zebulon, NC 27597
(919) 269-5157
What will you find when you pay a visit to Italia Express? The best pizza in the greater Zebulon area. It won't take you long to be able to tell that the crust is homemade, nothing frozen here. And if pizza is not the item you are looking for, you will also find some great sandwiches as well. For instance, they have a steak and cheese that will absolutely have you rolling in the aisles. The place itself is not much to look at but when you start chomping on the awesome fare they have here, you will forget all about that and smile for the rest of the day.

Bravos Pizzeria

9 N Main St, Wendell, NC 27591
(919) 365-6065

Smithfield's Chicken 'N BBQ

121 Wakelon St, Zebulon, NC 27597
(919) 269-7009
Don't chicken out, this place has some tender and juicy chicken. Their barbeque offerings are absolutely to die for. The place is always very clean and you will never be able to complain about the service. The wait staff is always coming around to refill your drink or see what you might be in need of. We would definitely describe this place as a cut above. But what really puts this place over the top are the sides. Their potato salad and coleslaw are so tasty and complement the main entree. Give this place a try and make up your own mind.

Big Al’s BBQ

2920 Forestville Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616
(919) 217-0653

San Jose Mexican Restaurant

877 E Gannon Avenue, Zebulon, NC 27597
(919) 269-3399
The best Mexican food in North Carolina. Alright, we have said it because it is true. Their fajitas are absolutely phenomenal. Another choice that will astound you is the grilled chicken burrito. We suggest that you make note of what drink specials they have going when you visit because there is always some good deal in the works. The bartenders know how to make the very best pina colada you have ever had. Be prepared to take home quite a bit of food because the portions are very large and you will not have room for dessert.

Plaza Del Mariachi

411 W Gannon Ave, Zebulon, NC 27597
(919) 269-4464

McLean's OLE Time Cafe

418 W Gannon Avenue, Zebulon, NC 27597
(919) 269-0125
There is nothing that we can find wrong with this venue. The food is outstanding and the atmosphere is even better if that is possible. Friendliness is the word of the day here, the staff will not only make you feel at home, but they keep checking on your constantly throughout your dining experience to make sure you have everything you need or want. They serve a meatloaf that will have your head spinning it is so tasty. This is definitely one of those hidden gems that you need to check out, you will not be disappointed.

Aubrey’s Grill

38 N Main St, Wendell, NC 27591
(919) 365-5528

Cattails Restaurant

1501 Nc 39 Hwy, Zebulon, NC 27597
(919) 861-7501
Now, this is what we call unique. The view is gorgeous as the setting is atop a professionally maintained baseball field. It is especially cool when a baseball game is actually being played while you are there. The dishes served are beyond belief in terms of their quality and taste. We suggest trying the shrimp and grits or the ribeye or the ribs. The cooks really know what they are doing here as you will find everything cooked to perfection. The bar staff will work really hard to make sure you get the perfect drink for the mood you happen to be in.


1206 N Arendell Ave, Zebulon, NC 27597
(919) 404-2212